Thursday, June 5, 2008

I love a good contest and Sofia's adoption update...

I have been trying to be really "good" about not spending money over the past few months (which I must say, I have been doing a great job of not 'shopping' as much). So when I hear about a great contest, where you can win something for free, sign me up. Just hop on over to Linda's blog at and check it out.

On the other topic...

We are still working with our social worker on our home study update. Actually, since he is not sure what needs to be done, he is waiting on the USCIS office to inform him of what is needed (this is the answer I got from him during our conversation this past Monday). So far, nothing. Since the passing of Keith's mom and being out of town, I wasn't able to focus on the situation at hand, but you can bet your bottom dollar (see...its that spending money thing again) that I will figure out today what needs to be done (even if we have to look into getting another social worker at this point which was suggested to us by our agency). I am at my wits-end over this!

(according to our agency, if we are not in the process of a home study update and our name is 'next' on the list...which it looks like it is coming up soon...we will not be match - so you can see why this home study update is SO important to us in getting it done! we did send in our application renewal of our I600a and I started the process of getting our state police and child abuse clearances...just to feel like at least I am doing something to help move this process along...)


sara said...


Oh YEAH!! Since my talk with you we have been scrambling to get things wrapped up. We have had our doctor's appointments & 2/4 visits with our new Social Worker. (the other 2 are Friday & Sunday) She knows we want & expect the HS Update done by 6/13!!

We hardly had to do anything for USCIS; no new birth certificates or marriage licenses or anything. It has actually been pretty painless. (well, except for the check writing)

Shelly, I am really sorry that Keith is having to mourn and work & be away from you guys. You guys have really been on my heart & I just know that I would be devastated. Are you doing OK? Please call me if you want to talk!

Love you!

lindanuts said...

thanx for mentioning the give away

amy said...

She sounds like such a fun little girl!