Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Disney again? & "Who is that pretty girl?"

Disney Again?


You heard it here first, we are talking about going back to Disney...OK let me correct that one...Francesca has been asking us several times a day since arriving home from our last trip (Sept 2007) if we can go back. Keith and I have talked about going back some time this year, but we decided against it (unless we can come up with some extra funds). The good news is that we will be going back in Jan 2009 to celebrate Francesca's 4th Birthday there! And as of now, that's only a year away!!!

(it's just so hard when you can see in her eyes how much she loved Disney World and how bad she wants to go back...)

Here are two photos from our trip back in September. As much as I would really rather vacation some where else...after looking at these two photos how can we not go back to Disney any time soon?



(doesn't that just melt your heart...)

"Who is that pretty girl?"
This is a question I asked Francesca this morning while getting her dressed for our day in my bedroom. She was standing on the bed, facing and looking into our dresser mirror. When I saw that she was checking herself out, I turned around and looked in the mirror as well and asked, "Who is that pretty girl?" and Francesca reply was, "Mommy!" Right at that moment, she turned to look at me and said again, "Mommy is the prettiest!" As the tears rolled down my cheeks, I gathered my daughter into my arms and told her..."No, you are the prettiest, most special girl in the world!" And still, my daughter always being the one who puts other people's needs ahead of her own said, "Thank You, Mommy, Sofia pretty and special too!" I said it before and I am saying it again, we are truly blessed with one very amazing, wonderful, beautiful daughter!


LaLa said...

First of all thanks for the tears...that is the sweetest thing I have heard and she is right...you all three are pretty and special (oh, and Dad too LOL)

You know we are ready to go back...talking about next November if we haven't been to Vietnam yet (I don't want to take one that little) but who knows. I know what you mean, hard to think of going anywhere else when they loved it sooooo much. It really is the Happiest Place on Earth!

LINDA said...

She is the sweetest little thing!
Give her hugs from us :)

Sue said...

AWWWW!!! That Francesca sure knows how to melt mama's heart!!!
You know the first thing that popped into my head was "they'll be in China!" Soooo...who knows?

Janelle said...

oh, now you have me crying, too! so sweet!

Janelle said...

came back to say... we also are conversing about another trip to Mickey!

Rina, John & Annalisa said...

We need to make sure to setup a joint B-day party for the girls. Maybe Olivia can join us as well. It will be so much fun :)