Friday, January 18, 2008

It's that time of year again....


After all the Christmas decorations were put away, I get this crazy idea that our attic needs to be cleaned out and since we had nothing planned for this past weekend...that's exactly what we did! I can't believe the "sh*t" one can accumulate in just a year's time! (this has been a tradition in the Leonard household since January 2003 and every year once we are all done, we have a huge pile of "sh*t" to either throw away or donate) One of the big projects this year was organizing all Francesca's out-grown clothes that will soon be Sofia's. What I was doing was just placing all of the "don't fit anymore" clothes into labeled garbage bags and than moving them to our attic. I must have had five bags of clothes with 12-18 months sizes in them, seven bags with 18-24 months sizes, and six bags with toddler clothes ranging from 2T-4T. When I was going through the smaller size clothing, the 9-12 month sizes, I got very emotional. It reminded me of a time that not only did Francesca struggle to adapt to her new life, but I struggled as well...being a new Mommy and not having a clue on what I was doing...But it also brought back so many wonderful memories...the outfit we dressed her in when we landed at our home town airport after that long ride from China...her first pair of squeaky shoes...her first winter coat and the little matching snowman hat...and the outfit she wore her first Christmas home. Boy, the memories....

Just than, Francesca came upstairs to join me as I was traveling down memory lane. Once she spotted the clothes, she started going through them. At one point, she stopped and looked at me and asked, "Mommy, these for me?" I told her, "They used to be your clothes, but you no longer fit into them." Than I went onto explain that we are saving them for Sofia. She had nothing to say, but gave me this huge smile and giant hug...I guess no words were needed (and I have to agree).

Anyway, we got the attic cleaned out and it looks amazing. I am just wondering how long that amazing look is going to last. My next course of action is to go through each room of the house and start cleaning out all the "sh*t" that we don't need anymore or don't use. I am really on a mission here and I think Keith wants to kill me....

(P.S. after cleaning out and organizing over 20 bags of Francesca's out-grown clothes, I now have them all arange and boxed up in 6 storage totes!)


Janelle said...

well done! the stuff really accumulates, doesn't it!

Chloe enjoys putting her outgrown things in a special drawer for 'Baby Stella'. Every so often, I empty the drawer into storage. The longer we wait...the more clothing accumulates!

And I know all about the trip down memory lane with the little sizes - so bittersweet!

LINDA said...

We do something very similar. We have a 12x12 summer kitchen just off the patio. All year long, we amass c**p and put it out there. Just yesterday, I cleaned drawers and put the junk out there. In the spring, we always clean the summer kitchen. We take at least one truck load to Goodwill.
It is darling to hear of Francesca's questions and I love your explanation. Francesca will be a very loving big sister.
You have wonderful memories......I got misty!

Sue said... sweet to look at certain clothes and link them to a special moment. And it will be fun when Sofia is wearing the'll say "I remember when Francesca wore that outfit".

Well our solution to accumulating junk is to move every 4 years or so! It seriously cuts down on the clutter! Hope your cleaning spur continues....just tell Keith that you'll soon have 2 little ones to run after and let me tell you....housework will be the last thing on your list to do!!!

sara said...

good for you! As much as I hate to clean & organize, I am so thankful when it is done!!!!