Monday, January 7, 2008 from Christmas 2007!

Here are the photos from Christmas 2007! If it wasn't for Keith taken most of them, we probably wouldn't have any...I am serious! I have been so bad lately about taking photos (even though my camera is with me at all times), but I am making a promise to myself to change all that (I think I am still hurting from loosing all my photos when my hard drive crashed back in October). That's one of my New Year's I said one of them....

Christmas Eve at Grandma's!


(a family tradition...spagetti with tunafish sauce...also one of Francesca's favorites)

Our beautiful daughter...


My everything and my world!

Christmas morning at our house!

(opening up some Disney DVDs from Santa)

(and yes...she got her flashlight that she wanted from Santa as well.)


LaLa said...

So glad we finally got o see pics : ) She is so beautiful .... glad she got that flashlight

Janelle said...

Chloe got that same flashlight in her stocking!! And I believe we're on the third set of batteries in it. sigh. it's a favorite, that's for sure!

Your photos are beautiful - hope you feel inspired to continue to photograph your gorgeous girl!

LINDA said...

There is something about flashlights. All kids love them. We are always giving them or getting them from or for someone at Christmas and on birthdays. The kids love to give Poppa flashlights. I gave him one this year. It's the tiniest one I ever saw-no batteries-it winds up!
BTW--she is gorgeous!

sara said...

Awww..I love the pictures! Especially of the three of you - you guys are such an adorable family:) My boys love flashlights too. Last summer they got the ones that go on their heads...we love them!! Hands free entertainment!!