Thursday, January 10, 2008

Do you remember "Wooly Willy"?

I sure do! And now Francesca is enjoying creating hairy, funny faces with her very own, Wooly Willy. Francesca's Wooly Willy was a little gift given to her by Auntie Mela. She was so "into it" that I couldn't get her to look at me while I was taking the can just see from the expression on her face that she is really having a great time with this classic toy (and I am proud to say that this toy is labeled for children "5 years and older" and Francesca isn't even 3 yet and she did an amazing job at playing & creating with it.)





LaLa said...

She is soooo talented....I used to love doing that : )

Janelle said...

she's a genius!!

I remember those...the simple things are the best!

Sue said...

So funny! Didn't remember that at all til I saw the photo. Glad she enjoyed an "oldie but goodie"!!

LINDA said...

I love the old toys.Another thing Francesca and I have in common!

sara said...

Those things were SO much fun..I will have to look for one, my boys would love it!!