Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Letting go....

On Francesca's 3rd Birthday, we finally said "goodbye" to her crib and said "hello" to her new big girl bed! I know some of you are going to think I was crazy for still having her sleep in the crib, but it was my last string of holding on to my baby...who is now becoming a little girl. Where did the time go? Anyway, Keith has been wanting to get her a big girl bed for some time and after pleading his case for almost a year now, I finally said, OK...with much resistance. Again, for me, it is that part of letting go....

Since we only have three bedrooms in our current house and we really want the two girls to share a room, we decided on getting Francesca a toddler bed for now. (this way the room will be able to hold Sofia's crib and Francesca's bed in it) When Keith put her new bed together this past Sunday, Francesca was just so excited, while I was crying like crazy! She has been doing really well in her new bed and after having it for a few days, I can see that it was the right move to make.

I know this is going to sound crazy, but I had no problem with her going off the bottle (which she did at 18 months) and I so want to get her potty trained, but we are having a very hard time at that because of her bowel disorder, but the crib...the crib situation was one of the hardest things I have had to deal with. Sigh...

Now that she has her big girl's bed, Keith and I have decided that the Winnie The Pooh theme bedroom of hers must also be updated. Not sure on what we are going to do there, but you all know I'll be keeping you posted (and asking for suggestions...we also have to purchase a matching dresser for the bed as well....).

Here is the last photo taken of her crib...


And here is the first photos of Francesca and her big girl bed!



(my baby is growing up....)

And here are some photos that we taken during her first time sleeping in her new bed. (these were taken during nap time) According to Keith, who was watching the football games upstairs, heard a lot of noise for some time before she actually settled down. When he went into the room to check on her....this is what he found!



(it looks like she just crashed after having a boat load of fun! and from what Keith told me, she was having a lot fun in her new bed!)


LaLa said...

Girl...I think she will outgrow that bed soon...look how tall she is!!! Annslee is on a full size mattress on the floor...I didn't mind moving her but taking her crib out of the room got me...it meant Malia was not coming anytime soon. : (

They are growing up way too fast!

Janelle said...

that was my first thought, too - that she looks so LOOOOONG in that bed.

We moved Chloe right into a queen (we happened to have one). However, she doesn't fall asleep by herself, I lay with her to settle her down.

It's quite a milestone, isn't it?

LINDA said...

I concur....that toddler bed won't last long. She is as long as the bed! It is the getting used to free access to her bed that counts. That's the growing up part. I bet she'll adjust to a twin bed really easily. I would decorate befitting a twin sized bed set. And don't you think they would both love the princesses theme? There's alot of that stuff out there for decorating. You can make a canopy so easily--and a little vanity with a mirror with boas and tiaras and dress-up clothes and high heels....Sounds delicious to me!

sara said...

I, too, was reluctant to get rid of the crib - it really symbolizes the "baby" in them! I love all things baby - the bottle, the pacifier, the diapers:D I never really forced them to do anything before "they" were ready!! I LOVE Francesca's big girl bed, though - I love the dark color - I hope she is still doing well in it!!