Wednesday, January 30, 2008

More birthday photos....

Here are some photos that were taken on the morning of Francesca's birthday (on the 20th). After eating some ice cream with M&M's for breakfast, she got to open up her presents from Daddy and I! I think she really loved what she got (since she has been asking for two of the gifts for some time now...)


(I got a new Bear DVD!)


(and Peter Pan!)

I am 3-years-old today! Count, two, three!
(the last gitft was one she was asking for...a Wiggles game)

(I have finally gotten around to opening up my new laptop from Dell that has been sitting here at our house since December when they agreed there was something totally wrong with my last one and replaced it. I am still working out all the "kinks" in this new one...for I am now working with Windows Vista and a lot of my programs were only for Windows XP. I am sure to have my new "baby" up and running by the end of this coming weekend. I do have more birthday photos to post so I am just warning you....and for all of you who posted about Francesca's toddler bed going to be way too small in some short time, I am going to have to agree, but I just couldn't see her in a twin bed, but we did buy one when we got the toddler one. As for her new bed, she is doing great in it. There has only been a few times I have been woken up to the most beautiful almond shaped eyes looking at me.)


Jake and Taryn said...

How adorable!! I love the picture of her holding up her hand with 3 fingers!! Too cute!!

Janelle said...

oh, these are sweet photos! I'm so excited for you and your new computer--happy surfing & blogging!

LINDA said...

She is so sweet! Showing how old she is!!! I bet you play alot of the Wiggles game1 Kids do love games.....

sara said...

yeah - what a BIG girl!!

Sue said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!! Looks like you had a super day celebrating your 3rd birthday!!!!
Are you doing well with your big girl bed too?!

LaLa said...

Happy Birthday sweet girl....glad you got everything you wanted : )