Monday, July 7, 2008

Guess who came for supper the other night?

Grandma came for supper the other night!

And guess who help make the supper?

That would be Francesca!

We decided to invite Grandma down for a quick supper and some fun time before she headed off to see G.G. at the rehab center. When I told Francesca we were making pizza, she insisted on helping and boy what a great helper she was!

Francesca making the pizza (with very little help from Mommy).





"I did it all by myself!"



(my silly little girl!)

Just before we got the pizza into the oven, Grandma showed up and while it was cooking, Francesca and Grandma had some play time out on the swings...Look at Grandma go!

(you can just see it on my mom's face how much she loves her granddaughter and how much Francesca loves me that is priceless...We Love you so much, Mom! I can't begin to tell you how much you mean to Keith, Francesca, and me!)


redmaryjanes said...

You blog is just beautiful. Heather does great work. I love how your Mom is willing to get out there and swing with Franceska. She's a cool Grandma!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

My kids love when grandma comes to visit....which is quite often....we only live 5 minutes apart!

Love to see her cooking in the cute....we love to cook in this family!

PS...I am so excited for you!


Anna Grace`s Jie Jie said...

Great Pictures!!! Looks like she had fun! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Please come by anytime!!!

Steffie B. said...

I think it looks like the best pizza ever!

When can we expect our invite? ;)

sara said...

I would love a little chef in the kitchen!! Francesca, you are a great helper for your Mommy; you are going to be an awesome Big Sister!!

LINDA said...

That girl is going to be a chef! She needs a cool apron!