Monday, July 21, 2008

"Mother, Father...this is fun!"

(Francesca getting pushed up the hill by Sidney...yes that is the hill she was going down full force and loving it...all the while I was crapping in my pants! Poor Keith was taking the photos because my hands were shaking so badly.)

(Francesca and Sidney)

(That's Sidney...pushing Francesca back up the hill for her to have another ride...)

(my little girl truly having the time of her life!)

While we were visiting our family in Virginia during the weekend of the 12th, Francesca spent a lot of time with her cousin Sidney playing and just having fun. Above are photos of Francesca driving care-free down the hill that is shown (and every time her ride ended, Sidney would push her back up again for another scared the crap out of me!). She sure had a great time and is so looking forward to spending some time with Sidney again....

(and yes, Francesca does call us..."Mother" and "Father" along with Mommy and Daddy...not sure where the "Mother" and "Father" came from but it is so cute when she calls us that...)


amy said...

She sounds just precious

Janelle said...

Chloe had a time when she called me "Mother" (sounded like 'mudder') I think they hear it from storybooks?

What a daredevil she is!

Sue said...

What a little daredevil!!!! Just think....soon she'll be showing Annabelle the ropes ! ;)

sara said...

Looks hot!! I love her courage:) And I think it is adorable when little ones say Mother & Father!

LINDA said...

I have truely enjoyed watching your life with Francesca. I think it looks like she has adjusted extremely well and I can only hope Sara will have such great luck with her little one---and soon.
She looks like any other kid, doesn't she? Having the time of her life every day and enjoying it as much as possible!!!!She appears to be a Tony Stewart clone!LOL