Thursday, July 10, 2008


WE GOT OUR REFERRAL on June 27th and today we received our PA!!! And she is currently in care for at New Hope Foundation in Shun Yi Beijing!

Can you believe it! We were so not expecting this at all, but on June 27th (while hanging out in our back yard with some moms and neighborhood kids) at 6:42PM Deniece called from CCAI and told me that they had our daughter! I was shocked but once Deniece started giving me all the details, tears flowed out of my eyes and I started shacking. You see back in May of this year, Keith and I went ahead and updated our medical conditions checklist and on it we written in constipation and mega colon (seeing how we are already dealing with this condition with Francesca) and we updated the age range from 6-12 months to 6-18 months. Deniece said she remembered that 'someone' wrote in mega colon on their MCC and when our revised list was pulled there it was along with the age updated...which made us the perfect match for this little girl. After giving me the details about our newest addition, Deniece told me that she was going to email me all the information she currently had. I ran into the house and jumped on my computer and the first thing I saw was...

...this face! Isn't she just beautiful!

Let me introduce to you Fu Qing Le from Jiaozuo City Welfare Institute. Her date of birth is 4/28/2007 (same as my grandmother's), had surgery (for her mega colon) at Beijing Number One Hospital in June 2007 and since than has been being cared for at New Hope Foundation in Shun Yi Beijing. According to her records, she is doing just wonderfully well and we have received an update already from our agency that is so positive.

Here are more photos for you to view of our beautiful daughter!

photo from March 2008

photo from July 2008 (can you believe how much she has changed!)

(I know we chose the name Sofia for our little angel, but we recently found out that they might be calling her Annabelle Faith at the care home...if they are, I think we are going to change her name...we are currently waiting on word from our agency on this matter...)

We had her medical records reviewed by both our pediatrician and gastric specialist and all think she is thriving. We made the official phone call back to CCAI to let them know that she is indeed our daughter on July 1st and also told Francesca that she is an older sister. Francesca was very excited. She took the news so well and was truly captivated by Qing Le photo. (through hearing us talk about the name situation, Francesca has told us that she likes Annabelle more than Sofia).

Anyway, I so wanted to tell you guys sooner, but our agency would not let us until we received PA...which came in today (our LOI was sent in 7-2-08). As I stated before this was so very unexpected & we are are so not more ways than you can imagine....but as my mom always is saying, "God doesn't close a door unless he opens a window..."


Doreen said...

A HUGE CONGRATS!!!! She's just adorable!

Doreen in Montreal Mom to Faith-Jiangxi & Mia-Sichuan

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Hooray!!!! I am so happy for you Shelly!

She is just gorgeous.....absolutely beautiful!

If you need anything...I am only an hour away!


Janelle said...

YAY Leonard Family! She is an absolute beauty -- incredibly gorgeous. I couldn't be more thrilled for you.

Here's to a smooth & quick process to meet your lovely new daughter.


sara said...

She is beautiful...whatever her name is!!!!

I love you guys & can't wait to watch you travel to bring home your little girl!!!!

Anna Grace`s Jie Jie said...

CONGRATS!!!!!!!!! That sure is something to be Thankful for!!!!!!!! She is a doll!

jiangxigirls said...

Congrats!! She is absolutely beautiful!! Here's to speedy LOA, TA and travel!

Becky (a Feb Lovebug!)

SarahHub said...

Congratulations! God bless you!

Sue said...

HOORAAAYYYYY!!!!!! What a happy, wonderful story about your referral! So many red threads. She is just adorable! That cute face and beautiful smile! Very, very happy for the Leonard Family!!!!

Steffie B. said... incredible.....I am so happy for you.....have a wonderful weekend dreaming of your new daughter! ;)

Rina, John & Annalisa said...

Oh my God! Michelle, I'm crying from happiness right now.

How can you wait so long to post this!!!!!!!

She is so adorable.

Very happy for you, Keith and Francesca.

Oh my, that made my week :)

Donna & Andrew said...

Congratulations She is beautiful.

Beverly said...

Congrats!!! She is Beautiful!!

amy said...

I am sitting here in tears. Oh this is beautiful and you have given me such hope. Oh thank you!

She is beyond precious

LaLa said...

OH my gosh...what a wonderful surprise : ) She is so beautiful!!! Can't wait to follow along on this journey

Julie said...

She is so precious. I know you can't stop looking at her sweet little face. Annabelle Faith is beautiful - but Sofia is good too. What a gift. I love her in the pretty dress. Congratulations. You are truly blessed!

Kim & Jeff said...

Congrats!!!!! She is such a cutie pie :)

So happy for you...

Elizabeth said...

She is absolutely beautiful! Amy told us the great news. So excited for you guys...tell Francesca that I was a big sister too and it can be tons of fun.
Emma says hello and that Anabelle is "handsome". (it's her new word)

Take care,
Beth (and the rest of the randles clan!)

LINDA said...

Annabelle Faith is absolutely gorgeous. She looks so perfect. Many blessings your way, Shelly.
I think Francesca will be a great big sister. Your home will be so full of love. You are so lucky.

ThatGirl said...

I have a sit-and-stand and I hate it. Impossible to steer.

We use an umbrella stroller (cheap and easy) and you can get a little plastic pc. that will link 2 umbrella strollers together.

You don't need to take one, you can buy one dirt cheap in China (your guide will do it) or rent them for the day from Jenny's in Guangzhou. We used the heck out of it in China and then left it in the last airport with a stewardess.