Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Thank You...

....Everyone for your wonderful support, encouraging emails, and beautiful comments left on the blog regarding our Referral and PA...We still can't believe how fast it all happened...and is still happening!!!

We are still praying that our home study update will be completed before our "free-ride with USCIS" deadline in August (yes...our social worker, who I think has no clue on how important this update is to us, is still working on ....I am going crazy with worry!)


sara said...

we are in the same boat, Shell. Only it isn't our Social Worker - she was FAB! It will happen, friend!!!

Sue said...

Ok.... show that SW your daughter's photos and tell him/her to get a move on!!! You gotta be on that plane SOON!!!!

LOVE the blog! Did you do it yourself? Too cute!!

And - are you going to keep Annabelle as her name? It is cute and you can have 2 nicknames (Annie or Bella/Belle)!!

sara said...

I love your new make-over!! Taryn rocks!!

I plan on getting a new make-over when we get our referral too!! Just something to look forward too, a new look to unveil (the blog AND our family!)


Janelle said...

love the new look! it's fabulous!

I'd love the password for the babyjellybeans site sometime


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Praying for you.....I would be so frustrated! You have enough on your plate!

Love the new look!