Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Some Summer Fun and a-all-around-update!!!

(photos taken by Dad this past weekend)

It has been so hot here that if we are not at our neighbor's pool aka Grandma Nancy and Joe Papa house...we are just splashing around in our backyard kiddie pool (which she just loves...).

I do have some updated info on Annabelle that we received from a volunteer that just recently returned from a stay at New Hope. It was all positive information and the photos are to die for. Here is one that was sent to me by another family that also just return home from China with their daughter, Ruby. Can you pick out our Annabelle...it was only taken about 2 weeks ago. I can't believe all the updates and photos we have received so far. It is truly a blessing and we will forever treasure each piece of information for the rest of our lives....

(yep...that is her in standing in the background with those famous piggies in her hair!)

We are also getting ready to send a little care package off to New Hope for Annabelle that will include a pink blanket, two outfits...one summer and another for fall, a few hair twists (as we know she must love them from all the photos we have seen), and a cuddle soft pink pig stuffed animal...for she was born the "Year of the Golden Pink"! Just waiting on word back from our agency on when we can send it.

As for our home study...UGH!...is all I can say. We are still working on it with our social worker who is on vacation AGAIN this week...so it is looking (praying) that it will be completed and sent in by the end of next week! As for our LOA...we are still waiting on that piece as well. From charting out when others have received theirs in the past I am thinking we should "hear" something by September 15th and travel around the 21st of October!

And on one finally note...I want to give shout out to our friends in Colorado (you know who you are)....Congratulations and we all love you so much!!!!


sara said...

How could you NOT recognize Annabelle with those cheeks & those piggies!?!?! She looks like the "baby of the family" - which means she will fit in just fine at the Leonards!!!

I LOVE the pictures of Francesca and must say with the colors (bright!) and the joy on her face - they are some of my favorites - she really is beautiful!!

I have to figure out how to do the raffle still!

LINDA said...

Francesca is getting so big and sooooo beautiful.
I picked ot Annabelle right away. She is a doll, for sure. She has such a sweet face.
Congratulations Shelly. You are one lucky family.

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Francesca looks like she is loving her pool....what a cutie.....and the bathing suit is adorable!

How special that you are continuing to get updated pics of Annabelle.....I love the pigtails....I picked her out immediately!