Friday, August 10, 2007

Follow-Up to post "I am one proud Mommy today!"

During the course of typing up the post below, Francesca did it again! This time all by herself. She came running into the kitchen to get me & said, "Potty, Now!" I asked, "Do you have to go?"...and she said, "Yes!"..we took off for the bathroom towards her little potty and I placed her on it with a book, and than went back into the kitchen to shut down my laptop. All of a sudden, she was screaming for me that she did it..."Ma...potty!" When I went over to check, she went pee again! I can't tell you how emotional this all is for me! I am so proud of her!

(and of course, she picked out another sticker...this time a Mickey Mouse one and she placed it on her chart!)


sara said...

yeah, Francesca!

LaLa said...