Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Going to Disney! (again)

We can't wait to see this view!
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Francesca just loves Mickey Mouse!
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We all love the princesses, but I think Francesca's favorite is Belle.
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(the reason why I say Belle is because that is the princess that Francesca is always wanting to play, but I also think Cinderella can be a favorite...as well as Ariel aka Little Mermaid and Princess Aurora aka Sleeping Beatuy)

Francesca is just so excited that I have to share this all with you...I finally got around to booking our trip to Disney this year for September! I did it yesterday, while she was napping & I told her where we were going once she got up...so you can imagine how many times she asked me last night about going back to see Mickey Mouse. She is so excited as we are too!

Last time we stayed at Disney's Riverside, and even though it is a great resort, we decided to take the plunge this year and stay the Disney Grand Floridian, which we are really excited about! So far, it is Francesca, Keith, Grandma, and me going. We are really hoping that Aunt Lisa, Uncle Scott, little Scotty, and Auntie (aka Mela) decide to join us as well.


LaLa said...

You are sooooo lucky. My niece lives in Orlando so we are trying to decide when to go. With the prospect of going to Vietnam sometime soon out there...who knows.
I of course like Mulan b/c she is from Hubei like Annslee : )

Colleen said...

oh how fun!!! I can't wait to go back to Disneyworld!!! Livi has been twice (when she was a baby) and Addison has never been. Livi is not the easiest to travel with so hopefully next spring we can finally go...geesh, she'll be 5 1/2, you think maybe she can behave by then? LOL

Sue said...

Ok, glad both my kids are asleep so they didn't see the little photos on your sight. They would be so jealous!! (I am!)
We are in the big DWorld debate right now...I say next spring but DH wants to hold off, despite the fact we aren't going to China anytime soon :(

I'm sure Francesca will be counting the days til you go!

jiangxigirls said...

Sounds like fun! We are in the DWorld debate and are thinking about next year sometime. Olivia's favorite is Ariel and she knows Mommy's favorite is Mulan....

Becky (Feb Lovebug)