Thursday, June 28, 2007

Back to 'daughter #2'

OK...after much talk (and a few cocktails), Keith & I decided that the name Janelle is just not for daughter #2. We were away...just the two of us...for an over night trip to our local bed & breakfast, enjoying our supper when we started talking about 'names' in general. I mention to Keith that it is important to me that our daughters share a part of my heritage (I am Italian) as well as his and theirs...since they will have his last name and they are/will be Chinese. Now, I did make a promise to Keith that he would be able to pick out daughter #2's it was totally up to him if he wanted to change it. Well...after much talk & research, we have now decided to change Janelle's name to....?

We have a few names in the running, but he hasn't made a decision yet. The front-runners are: Caterina...Chiara...Nicolina...Stella...and Sofia. (I loved Gabriella, but it was veto). I am hoping he makes a decision soon. I am now back to calling daughter #2...."daughter #2".

Make sure you check out the photos below from my sister's birthday party this past week (seeing how my Internet was down the past two days...I am making up for lost time with two posts in one day).


Sue said...

Totally understand. I had another name picked out for Brynn...Darah never really liked it but it was a name from his family tree. Eventually, we both decided it was a so-so name. when we saw the name Brynn in a baby book we both liked it. We haven't talked about the new is sooo far off part of me doesn't want to choose a name yet.

Looking forward to the New Name post!!! They all are beautiful!

LaLa said...

Naming is so difficult. I know the right one will come to you (or DH) Can't wait to see what it is...I like all of the contenders : )

amy said...

I can not wait to hear what you name her! We picked one out just a few weeks ago!

Rina, John & Annalisa said...

I like Stella and Sofia. Of course Gabriella and Francesca were some of my favorite too but John turned them down as well.