Saturday, June 16, 2007


The first words out of Francesca's mouth this morning were "Katie"! At first, I had no clue what she was saying, until she ran over and starting pointing to the photos that we have in her room of Katie (Amy & Owen's little girl) and herself and said "KATIE" again.

I guess we can say Francesca thinks we are leaving today for our trip with Owen, Amy & Katie (she heard Keith & I talk about last night). I had to explain to her that we still have two more weeks until we seeing Katie again. We are so excited about again getting together with Owen, Amy & Katie! We haven't seen each other since New Year's & that is way too long! This time we are traveling to Williamsburg, Virginia and staying together for a whole week. Francesca & I are leaving on June 28th to meet up with Daddy in Washington DC and than traveling to southern VA on the 30th where we will finally see our friends again...its been way to long....Here are photos that were taken last time we got together!

Francesca and her friend Katie! (I guess we can say Katie is Francesca's longest-known friend seeing how they were in the orphanage together since Jan 2005)

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Francesca, Owen, and Katie with their 2007 glasses on! (Keith & I were so sad that day...I was crying my eyes out and continued to cry for about 45 miles after we left their house...seeing how that photo was taken about an hour before we had to leave Michigan to head home)

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(ignore the date stamped on the photo..I didn't have the camera programmed was actually 1/1/07)

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