Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Still no 171H/797C & I am going crazy!

As of today, we still have not received our 171H/797C approval yet, but I am hearing from other adopting families...who also are on the same time line as we are & dealing with the Philadelphia USCIS office...that they too are waiting on their approvals. Yes...I am still worrying about when I am going to get it, but I know it is out of my hands. I am going to try & call their office (after hearing others have) and see if I can get...any information!

In the meantime, enjoy some photos of our time at the Winkler's resident during this past Christmas season! Francesca & Katie had such a great time...and so did the parents (considering we sat around in our pj's most of the time talking non-stop!) We all can't wait to do it again...really soon!

Happy New Year 2007...Check out those glasses!
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Together...FOREVER FRIENDS! They are too cute for words....
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