Monday, February 26, 2007

Princess Francesca!

Introducing....Princess Francesca!

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Francesca just loves being introduced as "Princess Francesca"! Keith started this whole thing about a month ago when he found this 4 foot, tinsel Christmas tree still laying around my Mom's house and starting using it like a bull-horn. Now, every time we are there...she has to be announced. We all clap, whistle & hoot when she comes running in. Than she gives us all a wave and is too cute for words! The one above was taken this evening while at my Mom's with her Aunt Lisa doing the introducing (and little Scotty having a blast as well)!

Here is a video taken about a week ago at our house with Daddy doing the introducing!

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1 comment:

Sue said...

Very Cute!!! I thought that maybe you have to take the little tree with you when you visit all your family, but Keith does a great job making the trumpet blast w/ his hands. Now that's talent!