Friday, March 2, 2007

Francesca spoke her first sentence today!

"Ma, Down!"

When Francesca and I arrived at her school this morning, she wanted to press the door let them know we were outside waiting to be let in. As for me, I was looking through the window and talking to Francesca, explaining that Miss Nancy (her teacher) wasn't coming to the door yet. She wanted me to pick her up so she can look into the window as well and after a few seconds, look at me and said, "Ma, Down!" I placed her down without really even noticing what just happened & she rang the door bell again. Once Miss Nancy opened the door, I realized that Francesca just made her first sentence! (OK...I know it is only two words put together, but it did may sense & she got her point across very clearly). Francesca has been speaking simple one word phrases for some time now, but in the past two weeks, her speech has really taken off! I was so proud of her today that I couldn't stop hugging her & telling her how much I love her!

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