Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Love you!

As I am sitting here typing this, with tears rolling down my face, my daughter just replied to me, "Love You" after tucking her in for her nap. As always, we read a book, listen to her Christmas tree music box and get into bed with hugs, kisses, and "I love you" to follow. But today, after I said "I love you", she looked at me & said "love you" back! I just wanted to melt right there and climb into the bed with her & hold her so tight! *and that would be kind of hard seeing how she is still sleeping in her crib*

Francesca has really been coming along in her speech. She will talk nonstop at home; repeat everything I say; and sings in the car to the music...but when we are out, her mouth is shut like a steel trap. She is still a little hard to understand, but I know what she is saying. She has known her numbers 1 - 10, and has worked puzzles since she was 14 months and is starting to know her letters as well as her colors. She has been coloring and painting since about 12 months and to her...her crayons and coloring sticker books are her favorite. She sure has come a long way!

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