Friday, March 9, 2007

Two Events Happen Today!

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In about 10 weeks, Francesca will have one that looks like this!

1st: Keith & I took Francesca to the post office today to get her passport & extra photos for the visa...for when we travel to China for Janie! I tried about a month ago to get her passport, but I was told that BOTH parents need to be present when applying for a minor' I had to wait until Keith was here on a Friday (which was today) to do it. It's a little scary thinking that all of our original paper work from Francesca's adoption...her birth certificate, our adoption agreement & her Chinese passport...are now in the hands of our federal government. Anyway, Francesca got her passport photos taken and we got her passport application filled out, so now everything is on its way to the US Department of State. I am just happy that it is all over & done with...and I have another item checked off my list of what we need to do for Janie's adoption.

2nd: FedEx just dropped off our last remaining two documents that were certified through the state on Thursday! On Monday, we'll FedEx them to the next courier service that will take them to the NYC Chinese Consulate! I can't believe we are almost there.....!


Sue said...


Soon to be DTC!!!!!!!!!!!!


Heather said...

Thanks for the post about the passport. It gives me a sinking feeling in my stomach to think of handing over all the orininal docs, especially considering we've had a bit of bad luck in the past. Yikes! Good to know that both parents have to be there too. Hopefully yours will arrive soon.

all the best,