Thursday, March 29, 2007

Did you put your order in?

Let me start off by saying, I hope this post doesn't offend anyone and if it does, I am sorry.

With that said, I have to tell you what happen tonight. Francesca and I went to do a little celebrating at my mom's, on our dossier finally arriving at CCAI. My grandmother is a woman of very few words anymore, but when she does say something, it is usually way out there (gotta give her a break, she is almost 88). Anyway, we were all talking about how long the paper chase had taken us this time around and how good it feels to finally have it at CCAI. With everyone so excited and passing out hugs & kisses, my grandmother just looks at me and asks, "Did you put your order in for the next one?". I just had this blank look on my face (and thinking I can't believe she just said that) when my sister spoke up & said, "Yes, Gram, she is number 5,672!" After that, we all starting laughing! Now please keep in mind, this is the same woman that was so overly excited when we told her that we are adopting and her great-granddaughter will be coming home from China and her only question was, "Who is she going to look or Keith?" What are we going to do with you, Gram!

Thanks for the laugh tonight, Gram...we love you so very much!


LaLa said...

Hey Fellow Lovebug..I found you over on Colleen's blog. Glad I did...she has gotten so big. Congrats on being finished with your dossier. Ours just got logged in (in Vietnam this time) and we are glad it is out of our hands. Oh, and grandma sounds like a hoot!
Laura & Annslee

Sue said...

I think Grandma gets a actually sounds like a cute comment (only coming from Grandma of course!!!)