Friday, March 16, 2007

Possible return on the 20th?

Last night, I noticed that we received an email from the courier service we are using for the authentication of our final two documents at NYC's Chinese Consulate. They stated that our documents have been received & are currently being processed by the Chinese Consulate...and will be ready by March 20th. OK, so it is taking longer than I expected (I thought for sure we would have them back by the 20th). I also need to contact our social worker to see how our update is coming along that we need to attach to our home study. I sent all the information to them about 2 weeks ago & I haven't heard anything. I need to do some follow-up today. I'll keep you all posted!

Other than those last few needed documents, (and once received I'll need to make copies for our agency & our own files) we have everything else in order for our dossier. I know that the Weaver/Winkler family are still waiting on their 171H & poor Amy is getting a little anxious over the fact that it is taking so long, but we are sticking together on this with them! They have been so instrumental to our family....that I can't imagine going through this without them. We love you guys & miss you guys so much!

Message to Janie: Rumor has it...and there are many floating around...that it can be over two years before we can hear anything from the CCAA. I am still keeping faith that it will be sometime next autumn (thinking August/September) that we'll receive our referral with travel in October/November, if it stays at the 16 month time line from LID to referral. I can't believe how long the rumor mill is stating! In a way, it is a good thing the wait is so long. Your Daddy & I have a lot of work to do before your arrival (your Daddy still hasn't finished the bathroom he started when we received your sister's referral back in 9/05). Anyway...I just want you to know that there isn't a day that goes by that I am not thinking about you and that your Daddy and I aren't talking about you. We love very much!

*At 6:45pm, 3/16/07...According to CCAI, they received the update for our home study about a week ago from our social worker. Kim at CCAI is sending me a copy of it for our records and once all our other documents are sent in, it will be added. I can't tell you how happy I was to hear this piece of information (seeing how at one point I didn't think an update was even completed...long story short...I was going crazy today trying to track it down).

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Sue said...

Great news!!! That is terrific you have the update done and will have the last docs this week! I'll keep my fingers crossed for the Weavers so that you all can be DTC *soon*!! I can't even think about the wait...there are so many rumors about it going up then down...but it's all perfect timing the minute you get Janie in your arms!!