Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Contacted USCIS & Some Interesting Chinese New Year Beliefs!

It has been a few days since I posted anything to this I guess I am making up for it today posting more than one entry! I do have some news regarding our USCIS approval. I have been trying to call USCIS office in Philadelphia all afternoon with no getting through. I found another number to call & when I did...a woman answered! Now before you go & get excited over this...I called the Newark office in New Jersey & she wasn't able to help me, but did give me another number to call...which again, no one ever answered. So I finally decided to email them. I did receive a reply back that they have received my email, but it is not guaranteed that they will contact me back. It is a good thing I am going away tomorrow until Friday to Mt. Laurel New Jersey & meeting up with my sister Lisa and her family or I would be going crazy checking my emails constantly! According to USCIS, it could take up to 3 days to hear a response...if you do....

On a more joyous note...Kuo Cheng, a man that my mom works with, is Chinese and has taken such an interest in Francesca. Kuo is always willing to help us & is so very helpful when it comes to Chinese holidays/celebrations. Today, he gave Francesca a Red Envelope in honor of this Chinese New Year that is approaching & also gave us some wonderful information on what to do before & during the Chinese New Year's celebration & what not to here it goes...

*Make sure on the eve of the Chinese New Year that you have a family dinner (it doesn't have to be is only important that your whole family is there).

*Make sure you wear something new...brand new article of clothing...on the first day of the New Year's celebrations. It is so the evil spirits can not recognize you.

*Don't take out any trash on New Year's Day (it is believed that it symbolizes you are giving away all that you have).

*Can't buy anything on New Year's Day (belief is that you'll loose all your money).


*You can't take a bath! (the belief is that you'll wash away all your good health).

I do find these customs so interesting & it really helps us in keeping Francesca's Chinese culture alive and active within our own family. Kuo also told me that he & his family (his wife is American) practices these beliefs above every Chinese New Year.

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Sue said...

Hi Shelly,

I linked to your blog via your post to Kelly's blog I think. Anyway, I'm glad I found it and have enjoyed looking at the photos of Francesca!!! Ugh...I feel your pain about the USCIS. How awful for such a long wait and not being able to contact them. The NY beliefs are really neat...I think I knew a few but not all of them. Glad to see you are w/ CCAI. Do you like them so far? Well, I'll keep my fingers crossed that you'll hear back from Philly. Enjoy Mt. Laurel - it's my DH's hometown!!

Sue B
mom to fellow Lovebug Brynn